The Caravan 2018 Programs

Chef Battle

Caravan Chefs square off in a culinary competition that features audience members as sous chefs and judges.


Requirements: Two tables, access to a 3 prong outlet, trash can.

Story Stew

Part rebus story, part madlib, part Choose your Own Adventure, part recipe, this ridiculous journey teaches participants the essential elements of a story through the use of an enormous and ever-changing “book”.

AGES 5-12

Tasty Tales

The Caravan shares an awesome book, interactive songs, and a tasty snack that ties it all together.

AGES 4-12

Requirements: Two tables, trash can.

Chef Demo

Treat yourself and your participants to a light snack prepared with the help of one of our chefs.

AGES 5 and up

Requirements: Two tables, access to a 3 prong outlet, trash can.

Found Sounds: The Sounds of a Storm

Help us create a thunderstorm! This found percussion workshop introduces the elements of a storm and teaches participants how to create the sounds of a storm using body percussion and homemade instruments.

AGES 4-12

Requirements: Two tables

Found Sounds: Make Your Own Sound Effects

We retell a classic story with the help of some classic effects, then you help us create a brand new story! This found percussion workshop teaches you how to make sound effects out of household objects and encourages you to create your own.

AGES 4-12

Requirements: Two tables

*All programs are approximately 40 minutes in length.

*Locations more than 30 miles from Columbus, OH are subject to a travel charge.